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Petroglyphs Provincial Park


Petroglyphs Provincial Park borders the Peterborough Crown Game Reserve. Birds such as Gray Jays, Wild Turkeys, Ruffed Grouse and various types of hawks are visible in the summer.

Discovery Program

The Natural Heritage Education team offers several evening programs during July and August. Each program begins with showing the award winning film “The Teaching Rocks,” at the Visitor Centre theatre. Visitors are then led to the sacred Petroglyphs Site. Listen to park guides tell stories generations old, relating to Indigenous culture and various understandings as to why these carvings were made.

Guided tours are available for public groups and school groups throughout the operating season. Group leaders have several options for planning their day; groups may make use of the hiking trails and picnic areas, the group can book to watch the film “The Teaching Rocks” at the Visitor Centre before going to the Petroglyphs site for a tour. If a group is on a tight timeframe they may alternatively forego the film and go directly to see the Petroglyphs tour. Depending on staff availability, a small guided walk-through may be available at the Visitor Centre in addition to the Petroglyphs tour. There are currently no fees for group programs however all applicable school bus and/or daily vehicle permits must be purchased to enter the park. Group programs must book at least one week in advance (preferably earlier) to ensure that a tour will be available. Groups larger than 30 in number may have split tours to ensure all group members and other park visitors have an enjoyable visit to the Petroglyphs site. Group leaders should ensure that members of their group/class are prepared to have appropriate respect and appreciation for this spiritually significant site.


Marsh Trail - 7 km (2.5 hours) moderate
This trail winds through dense pine forest and marsh and then climbs - steeply in parts - to uplands.

Nanabush Trail 5.5 km (1.5 hours) easy
The trail crosses a variety of terrain from wetlands to rock outcrops.

West Day Use Trail 5 km (1.5 hours) moderate
This narrow trail winds through large pine stands and areas of oak and birch. A bridge crosses an ancient streambed made thousands of years ago.