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Voyageur Provincial Park

Car Camping

Voyageur offers car camping in three campgrounds; Champlain, Iroquois and Portage.

Each of the campgrounds offers some campsites with electrical hookup and each can accommodate a wide range of camping equipment. Champlain and Portage Campgrounds are better suited for visitors with larger camping units. Water taps, comfort stations and laundry facilities are available in each campground. Champlain has an adjacent beach and a small boat launching ramp. Iroquois and Portage share a beach located in Iroquois Campground.

Dog-Free Camping

Iroquois Campground has one loop of 20 sites that are designated pet-free.  These sites will appeal to those who prefer a camping experience without any noise or contact with domestic pets.

Group Camping

Voyageur has a Group Campground with five sites. Four of the sites can accommodate up to 100 people and one site is better suited for groups smaller than 50.

Water taps are within a short distance from each site.  Toilets are located at each of the five sites.

Reservations can be made online or by phone.

Radio-Free Camping

Iroquois Campground has one loop set aside as a radio-free area. The sites are located in a forested section of the park and offer a more secluded, private experience without the noise of electronic audio equipment.