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Potholes Provincial Park


The boreal forest which covers Potholes Provincial Park is the summer home and nesting grounds of hundreds of species of songbirds. Warblers, flycatchers and Northern Sparrows are common along the river.

Discovery Program

Colourful interpretive panels take you back 10,000 years where the glacial meltwater carrying debris of enormous erosive power, combined with the jointed and fractured bedrock over which they flowed, formed these large potholes and sculpted the surrounding bedrock.

These panels also highlight the provincially significant vegetation associated with these landforms.


There is a 350 meter self-guided hiking trail and boardwalk that winds in and around the natural beauty of these distinctive pothole landforms created by glaciers thousands of years ago. The interpretive panels along the trail provide information on the geology, flora and fauna found in this nature reserve.