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Obabika River

Obabika River Provincial Park


Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater and the surrounding waterway parks including Obabika River, protect an area of rugged highland watersheds and contain forest that mixes Great Lakes-St. Lawrence and Boreal species of trees, creating many different habitats for birds. During the nesting season of spring and early summer, many species of warbler, thrush, flycatcher and woodpecker can be heard calling to defend territory. Eagles, osprey and many other birds of prey can be spotted hunting above the forests of the park.


Motorboat restrictions apply on many of the lakes in the Temagami Backcountry Parks. For specific information on prohibited/permitted activities please see the park management plan



As part of the interconnected network of canoe routes in the Temagami region, Obabika River Provincial Park can be used as part of a number of different routes. Common routes include Lake Temagami, Diamond, Wakimika and Obabika Lakes; Obabika Lake and the Obabika River itself can be combined as a loop; and Lady Evelyn, Sucker Gut and Willow Island Lakes are part of the route to Maple Mountain and beyond. Check the Temagami Canoe Route Planning map or other trip planning resources for route ideas.


Ontario Fishing regulations apply.


Important Note: All hiking trails in the Temagami Backcountry Parks are remote and generally accessed during multi-day canoe trips.

Obabika Lake Old Growth Trails: 6.2km
A network of looped hiking trails spread through one of the largest remaining old growth pine forests in Ontario. These trails are rated as intermediate and require a full day or more to explore. The trails are only accessible by water from the north end of Obabika Lake. Hikers are reminded to be respectful when using the trails as this area is spiritually significant for local First Nations people.


Hunting restrictions apply. Please refer to the Temagami Area Park Management Plan 2007 for zone specific management direction.


The lakes and rivers of this provincial park offer typical backcountry swimming opportunities with some fine sand/silt shorelines and rocky headlands for access to the water.