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Frontenac Provincial Park

Backcountry Camping

1. The Experience:

Located on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, Frontenac Provincial Park offers year-round backcountry opportunities. Frontenac provides a secluded connection with nature only a few hours from major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal. Frontenac delivers regularly scheduled workshops to help new campers learn backcountry skills.

Throughout the park, visitors have an opportunity to view wildlife, visit historical sites from early European settlement, or simply enjoy the beauty of the Frontenac Arch, an ecological transition zone between the Canadian Shield and the Adirondack Mountains.

Visitors can expect over 120 km of well-maintained hiking and backpacking trails. There are 51 interior campsites located amongst 13 clusters. All campsites within the park can be accessed by hiking trail. Most of the trails are excellent snowshoeing routes in the winter months.

With 22 lakes throughout the park, there are many opportunities to canoe, kayak, fish, and swim. Most portages are of moderate length and difficulty and paddling routes provide access to all campsites, except in cluster 12.

Each campsite has a tent-pad, fire-pit, picnic table, privy, and food locker. Due to the clustered campsite design you can usually see the neighbouring campsite.

2. Reservations and Interior Camping Permits

Campsite specific reservations are available online or by phone up to five months in advance of your arrival date. Reservations are recommended to secure your campsite.

Interior camping permits are required for backcountry camping at Frontenac Provincial Park. Campers do not need to check-in at the park office and can proceed straight to their campsite, but must have a copy (electronic or printed) of their reservation confirmation letter. Campers are responsible for ensuring their reservation details (ie. Number of people, license plate(s), dates, etc.) are accurate prior to their trip.

3. Trip Planning

Park maps are available for purchase online, at the park office, through the Friends of Frontenac, and many local outfitters.

Plan to visit the park office which is an interpretive center where visitors can learn about the park and surrounding area.

For more information about Frontenac and local outfitters, click here.

Please be respectful of the natural environment and other visitors. Practice leave-no-trace camping, camp only on designated campsites, and be aware of your surrounding neighbours, ecology, and wildlife. We appreciate your efforts to maintain this pristine environment.

Walk-In Camping

Choose a campsite that suits your hiking style; hiking distances range from 20 minutes to more than three hours from your vehicle.