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Bonnechere Provincial Park


Biking is an excellent way to get around the park and is encouraged by park staff. Biking is permitted along park roads. There are no designated bike trails.


Bonnechere provides homes for many birds throughout the year and in fact, there are about 297 species that have been sighted in the area. A birding checklist is available at the park for a reasonable cost.


Power boats are allowed on Round Lake and the Bonnechere River. Please be observe no wake speeds while traveling the river as it is home to many sensitive species and habitats.


Visitors to Bonnechere typically enjoy leisurely paddles along the meandering banks of the Bonnechere River from the park to Jack’s Chute (~3km). Highlights include exploring the oxbows which are habitat for a variety of creatures big and small like turtles, fish, ducks and deer.

For a bit more adventure you can purchase a canoe route map for the Bonnechere River Provincial Park.

The park rents canoes and kayaks.

Discovery Program

Join Discovery staff at an Exploration Station during the months of July & August. Bring along your Discovery Activity Book (or pick one up at the Exploration Station), and use the equipment and materials provided to explore the park, observe plants and animals, and discover the wonders of nature. Be sure to share your observations with park staff and to take the Discovery Ranger Pledge! For more information keep an eye out for weekly calendar of events posted throughout the park.


The Bonnechere River and Round Lake provide opportunities for Large and Small Mouth Bass, pumpkinseed, Rock Bass, pike, pickerel and Lake Trout.


McNaugton Trail – 2 km (40 – 60 minutes) – Out and back to loop - Easy
Take an easy stroll along the meandering Bonnechere River and learn about its rich natural and cultural history by exploring our Foot Prints in Time (FIT). FIT is based on the traditional local First Nations way of teaching and explaining our history. The trail takes you in stride with 13 giant foot prints, marked by posts with interpretive and educational text designed to be informative and engage you and your family along the hike. You will truly enjoy this adventure.

Walks of the Little Bonnechere River – 10 trails - varied lengths and difficulties
The Walks of the Little Bonnechere River is a compilation of 10 local trails and stopping places which will help you gain an understanding of the history of the river and its people. Each trail offers a variety of experiences and opportunities to explore natural and cultural history. Trail length and difficulty vary, providing an opportunity for all to enjoy. A booklet with maps, locations, pictures and descriptive text on these trails can be purchased at the park office at a reasonable cost.


There is one beautiful sandy beach at Bonnechere that is recommended for swimming. The Main Beach is located in the day use area near the Visitor Centre and Park Store and is located on the shores of Round Lake. The beach is marked with buoys and has shallow gradual drop-offs. Please note: there are no lifeguards posted at the beach and pets are not permitted in the swimming area.

Pets can swim at the boat launch.