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Ontario Parks Snow Report


Last Updated: 22/02/2024

Facilities at park

Current Condition Poor
Snow Depth 15 cm
New Snow 0 cm
Last Updated 22/02/2024

Number of Trails 4
Open Trails (total length) 0 km
Track Set Trails (total length) 0 km
Skate Set Trails (total length) 0 km

The trail network consists of a 4.9 km linear trail along the recreational trail (parallel to the Eddie Ramsay Parkway), plus 3 loops that run through 3 different campgrounds (Harold Point 2.2 km, Blind Bay 3.2 km and Granite Saddle 1.6 km). Skiing all the trails equals 16.8 km. Trails are groomed for classic skiing only.

Trail Name Trail Conditions Trail Type Last Groomed
intermediate Park Trails
Icy patches
Classic and Skate 20/02/2024

Approximately 7.5 km of snowshoe routes are available. Please do not walk or snowshoe on ski trails. Cleated snowshoes may damage our boardwalks if they are not covered in snow. If the boardwalk is visible, please either carry your snowshoes or walk beside the boardwalk.


one quarter full snowflake Poor Condition

one half full snowflake Fair Condition

threee quarter full snowflake Good Condition

full snowflake Excellent Condition

closed No Snow

For information about winter safety and other winter activities in Ontario Parks, go to our Winter Experience Page.

Winter Safety and Activities